H.H. Holmes, America’s Original Serial Killer

Holmes was another very interesting character – and a highly educated and intelligent predator.

He built a kill house that took up an entire city block – and he was smart enough and crafty enough to keep switching out contractors – so none of them realized the true nature of that they were actually building for him!

Right after we publish our premier story on Ted Bundy we will begin getting into the story of H.H. Holmes – and it is a long one that may take a while.

H. H. Holmes.jpg

Holmes (born as Herman Webster Mudget) confessed to committing 27 murders (eerily similar in number to Bundy’s confession to 30) though the true number may be far more than that.

Holmes is certainly one of the most fascinating serial killers to have ever lived and we will be taking a deep dive into his life, his crimes, and other aspects of his story which is a long and winding story indeed.

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