This is Thriller to Killer Stories!

Welcome aboard.

This journey is just starting and you are at the very beginning of it all if you are here.

Let’s see where it takes us all, shall we?

We are going to be covering real true crime and looking at the stories of what happened. We will also be looking into some fictional stories and some stories that may blur the lines between truth and fiction with elements of both intertwined.

As we build this platform and all ist elements and work towards building a community we will do periodic updates here within the blog too on our progress from time to time.

So far we have the site live – and are working on additional layout and design along with content.

We also have our YouTube Channel live and are working on the same things there.

A Facebook page and a Thriller to Killer Stories Facebook Group have been set up and are all live too. So progress is being made every single day that goes by. I do not know how long it will take to begin getting some traction but I am guessing somewhere between three months and one year.

Time will tell and we will see, but I am in no real hurry and it will just take whatever time it needs to take.

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