Idaho Quad Killings

This is a perplexing case and one where there are mostly questions and not much real information at all at this point.

What we know for sure is that four people are dead and they were murdered.

Beyond that, how the killer or killers got in, which order they killed the victims, why they killed them and how they managed to escape the scene without a massive blood trail or a single witness all remains a mystery – for now.

Of course there are lots of guesses and lots of pontification from all kinds of people – none of whom really knows much of anything at all – despite their claims and pontifications.

Was it the ex boyfriend, or the hoodie guy, perhaps a former roommate, or just one of the countless people who had access to the property and knew its layout well? Perhaps it is a serial killer? That’s certainly a possibility (remember Bundy?) whether people want to believe it or not is up to them, and of course even then it may or may not be true.

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