Johnny Depp and Amber Heard Define Toxic Relationship

Regardless of what else may be there is no doubt about it – their relationship was definitely TOXIC – and it is far better for them both that they are no longer together. Probably better for everyone else too.

They both had their problems and they both had their struggles and combined they were like oil and water. It was not good – not by a country mile.

So as the case comes to a close, what are your own thoughts?

It is also a cautionary tale to anyone else in any relationship. If you have someone who is “hitting” or punching you, or just yelling and screaming and bat shit crazy in your life – you probably need to kick their ass to the curb immediately!

Otherwise crazy shit is only going to get worse and worse over time. Reality is a bitch – and reality is that some people just do NOT belong together at all. If one makes the mistake of entering such a bad relationship in the first place – it should be recognized as a mistake as soon as possible and ended quickly. Otherwise, it is going to get very expensive, and potentially even far worse. There have been many cases where such relationships have ended in death instead of divorce. So there is that.

Yet often times those involved do not see such possibilities until it is far too late.

Fortunately with Depp and Heard that did not happen…

Media Lies and Media Biased Bull Shit

I find it incredible that there seems to be few if any actual journalist and news outlet that are real anymore.

No matter what your thoughts are on this particular case, the bias and the spin are incredible. Here is a radical thought – just REPORT the fucking TRUTH!

Instead of editing out the unpleasant and inconvenient parts that do not fit a specific narrative – or – if such agencies want to publish utter crap – then claim to be what they actually are, tabloids and opinion pieces – NOT NEWS.

What do you think about that?

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