October 20, 2022 TtoK Update

Everything takes time and effort and sometimes more of both than we like it to. Getting this endeavor has taken a lot more of both than anticipated for a variety of reasons – some of which have more to do with life than with the channel or the site.

My wife had some medical malfunctions which caused her and us a lot of problems of all kinds. But I am happy to report that she is doing MUCH better now and since she is I am finally beginning to make a little progress on some of my work – including TtoK. I bought a brand new computer and hooked it up to my office internet (Fiber and very fast!) so I can begin streaming and uploading videos on a regular basis – hopefully very very soon!

This project and all I am doing with it is a little weird for my normal pursuits – because it is outside my normal business wheelhouse and what I know. So that is exciting! It is primarily a project of passion – yet I do plan to monetize it and make money with it too in any way possible (why not?).

Making money from such things as True Crime and related stories is controversial for some people – which I find strange, especially when such complaints are hurled at Youtubers and Bloggers. Why? Because ALL content you see on any major platform with any significant audience is ALREADY monetized and is, in fact, making money for someone – otherwise the platform would not exist and therefore nobody could consume the content for any reason because it would not be there.

Major network TV, pay-per-view or per-subscription services, streaming services, documentaries – even the so call NEWS channels (what a ffffing joke most of them are anyway!) are ALL monetized!

So personally I have no such problems with it.

That means as soon as I get enough subs to monetize I will, and I will also have super chats, merch, etc.

That’s my thought process anyway. What do YOU think?

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