About Thriller to Killer Stories

This is the beginning of a strange and wonderful journey into the darkest and scariest places that exist, including the recesses of the human mind.

While there are some great stories featuring all kinds of creatures and monsters of fantasy and fiction, there is one monster that is far more terrifying than any other ever conceived – and this monster is REAL.

The deadliest monster of them all is another intelligent human being who is determined to hurt or kill other people simply because he or she chooses to do so.

Thriller to Killer Stories will investigate and cover them all – both true crimes that have occurred and we will also delve into some fictional stories too – stories that most often will contain elements of real events, in whole or in part that has happened.

My name is L.D. Sewell and I will be your host.

I am an author and instructor as well as an entrepreneur – and this is a different undertaking than what I normally do. Normally I teach nonfiction courses, write books and training manuals along with other publications and content focused on business, management, leadership, entrepreneurship, and related topics primarily.

All that is how I make a living, and a passion of mine – but this, well this is something far different.

This is a new journey, and a journey into the abyss…

A walk way down on the wild side and far beyond normal limits of any kind.

We are going to go into some of the most terrifying stories ever told – and most of them are true!

You are invited to come along for the ride too…

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