Who Is The Best Crime and Thriller YouTuber?

I know, I know the BEST of anything is most often a matter of opinion and is determined by the person or group of people making that judgment.

In this case, I want to know who YOU think is the BEST true crime and or thriller type content creator on all of YouTube.

Here is a list of possible contenders, in no particular order, and of course, you may have someone else in mind;

  1. Baily Sarian
  2. Gray Hughes Investigates
  3. Elanor Neale
  4. Kendall Rae
  5. Stephanie Harlow
  6. Casey Hudson
  7. Craig Sinclair
  8. Bella Fiori
  9. True Crime Daily
  10. Emma Kenny

That is more than a few for you to consider, to at least get you started. Who do you think is the BEST?

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