Why People Like True Crime, Crime Dramas, and Thrillers

Ever wonder that yourself, even about yourself too?

I have.

The answers are many and do vary from person to person, but the fact is millions upon millions of people worldwide are enthralled by such stories.

To begin with, they are exciting, and they get our adrenaline going.

Another element is that the things people do to each other, especially murder are taboo – and are things most people would never do. Yet we all have occasional thoughts that seem crazy – thoughts that most people do not ever act upon.

Yet some do – and they are the subjects of our interest here – and they are fascinating to most people.

Sometimes stories are presented in a who done it format.

This brings the viewer or the reader, listener, etc into the story almost like a detective or investigator trying to solve the case. That engages our imagination and sets our minds to working out the details and trying to figure it all out.

Predators, Prey, and Guardians

In truth, there are three kinds of people.

Only three.

There are predators, there are people who are prey – and there are guardians.

Guardians are predators with an internal code or guiding philosophy that they choose to follow which protects and helps other people. Yet they remain at their core preditors themselves – as prey can not defend itself let alone anyone else.

Think of our military, our police, and other first responders and you get the general idea.

Good vs Evil. Predators and Prey. Survival vs Death.

This idea – or philosophy if you will – has been with us since the dawn of mankind and the earliest of times throughout history. It is deeply engrained as a survival instinct – and as a preditors instinct.

So it should be no real surprise that stories of survival and death fascinate us all.

The Closer to Death We Are the More We Value Life

Such stories bring us into other worlds that we dare not actually go, and do not want to even if we could – but the stories give us a close enough experience to make us feel more alive without actually putting ourselves or others in real danger.

Yet the fear and the rush have very real effects.

This is another part of the draw, the attraction and the massive popularity of such stories to begin with.

Cautionary Tales and Lessons to Be Learned

For years I have studied carnage in vehicle accidents and crashes to help others avoid similar fates. I have done the same thing with aviation accidents and crashes for my own benefit, it hopes of reducing my own risk when I fly recreational aircraft.

There are cautionary lessons within it all – lessons that have already been paid for dearly by others.

True Crime and even Crime Fiction and Thriller types of stories can serve similar purposes for anyone wanting to reduce their own risks and improve their own chances of survival.

For all these reasons and more – Thriller to Killer Stories are fascinating and we are about to cover many of them begining in just a little while, so subscribe to our blog, our youtube channel, and come join our little Facebook Group too.

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